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The more the queer community claims “f*ck you” towards the sex binary, the greater amount of terms like ”

lipstick lesbian

” become anything of history. When we listen to “lipstick lesbian” we right away think of


. a lipstick lesbian is actually a gay girl who does select high heel pumps over Birkenstocks. They would select an excellent red matte lip stick over an instant swipe of Burt’s Bees. They’ve most likely eliminated hiking, but only because their particular

soft butch

girl pulled them up a hill — plus they made certain there’d end up being interior plumbing work and a mirror nearby.

a lip stick lesbian is generally the hyper-femme (lipstick-wearing) one out of a homosexual relationship. See also:
cosmetic lesbian

Originally, the term “lipstick lesbian” came to be from the proven fact that all lesbian looking for a certain means. Like, we-all use luggage shorts with a carabiner filled with tactics clipped onto you. We don’t believe in shaving or putting on makeup or being wonderful to cis men. Though some of those things may be true for many lesbians, it isn’t really your situation for all those.

Nowadays, there are all types of lesbians! Some that are


but wear lipstick. Some that happen to be


but can build you a house. As homosexual and right women continue steadily to redefine what it methods to end up being a lady, the lesbian globe has become a level bigger and more diverse location.

What is an upgraded “lipstick lesbian”?

A 2020 version of a lipstick lesbian can be a ”

skincare lesbian

” They’re whatever queer girl who has a 26-step nightly cosmetic schedule. They would like to go out when you look at the tone whenever you go to the beach and require getting asleep by 7:30 — with a silk attention mask on. They’re going to typically choose moisturizing over sex. Meanwhile, their partner’s personal attention schedule consists only of a tub of performing palms.

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